What is Physio?

Physiotherapy is a science-based form of treatment, which plays a vital role in healing, pain relief and rehabilitation following injury.

The treatment aims to correct and stimulate the body’s own natural healing processes without the use of medication.

At Nanda Massage & Physiotherapy, we firmly believe that education and advice on how to manage the condition are fundamental to successful treatment. By focusing on these aspects, we aim to keep the number of treatment sessions to a minimum.

If you want to know more about physiotherapy please visit the chartered society of physiotherapist’s website


On your first visit

Kinesio tape on knee

Kinesio Tape Supporting The Knee Joint

On your first visit, we will examine your symptoms and your medical background, along with your lifestyle and general well being.

This will be followed by a physical examination, which will determine your clinical diagnosis. Your physiotherapist will then advise you on recovery time, management and help you implement self-management techniques into your lifestyle.

We use manual therapy skills, which will help to ease the tension in your muscles and joints and restore mobility if needed.

We will train you to move better with less pain


Ultrasound leg


We may also use electrotherapy in the form of ultrasound, TENs machines etc to further speed up your recovery.

Things you should bring:

 Any investigations, scan results or letters

A list of medication you are taking

Insurance authorisation number

Please wear comfortable, loose clothing so that the physiotherapist is able to access the injured area easily. (or A pair of shorts/vest top worn underneath or brought with you will suffice)

We aim to tailor your treatment plan to your needs, whether you are a busy office worker, parent or athlete! We will fit your rehabilitation around your lifestyle.