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I’ve had a series of shoulder injuries over the last six years and in that time have been to see multiple physios and specialists both private and NHS. However I was still in the same position despite all the treatments.

Just to recap, this is six years of chronic pain/problems with my shoulder.

After a handful of sessions with Nanda it is now, finally, improving and more importantly not regressing! Why? Well, she knows what she’s doing AND she cares. She will not let a problem beat her, I reckon she actually takes it personally!

I really cannot recommend her highly enough.

– Sarju Mashru

I had a hump just below back of my neck, and it has gone down tremendously gone down since nanda started massaging it. She has also got rid of my many knots on my back with her excellent deep tissue massage.

I also took some 1:1 Pilates sessions with her and she was very patient, giving excellent direction.

Provides an excellent service as I go to her on a regular basis.

– Ankisha Solanki

Had a severe reoccurring pain in my neck from a car accident, even having physio provided from another clinic I still had pain. Nanda’s Clinic was able to get rid of my pain in only a few sessions! Thanks and I will be returning again!

– Kishan Mehta


You are amazing! Simple!

– Sagar Dhakal


I have had chronic ankle pain for several years. Regular sessions with Nanda always does the trick.

– Reena Patel

I suffer from sciatica pain following injury………Nanda treated me over the past 12 months and I am now able play golf and exercise again …………I have no hesitation in recommending Nanda to provide you with bespoke treatments sports related or general mobility problems. She is a highly skilled experienced and qualified Physiotherapist ……

– Nainesh Patel

I had a work related back injury and Nanda had come to the rescue. A couple of sessions of massages had done the job. The injury hasn’t come back as she had informed me of daily exercises I could do in the morning, as well as when I am sitting at the office. I find her to be knowledgeable and professional – Thank You 🙂

– Manisha Pindoria

Nanda is absolutely fantastic she helped me recover from my knee injury so I can get back on track with my running!

– Jyoti Varsani

After a recurring back issue for several years I visited Nanda for a package specifically targeting my lower back. I can honestly say after the first session I felt a huge difference! Will definitely be going back for more.

– Jaina Varsani

Recently my gym workouts have left my shoulders and neck area rather stiff and tight. I have only had a couple of sessions with Nanda but I am already feeling the benefits of her treatments…less tension, discomfort and more flexible movement. Definitely worth every penny.

– Bhavna Hirani Khimji


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